Cuisine is like a love story, you first have to fall in love with products and then with people cooking them” ( Alain Ducasse ).
Hosteria87 is the new eating + experience of  Rome where it is possible to rediscover the traditions of Roman cuisine with an exquisite contemporary touch.


The search for fresh ingredients, exclusively seasonal products, the care and love with which they are prepared and cooked, will transform your lunch or your dinner into an appetizing journey within sense and taste.

But the surprises are not just limited to the kitchen, the chic and sophisticated atmosphere of the Hosteria87 will amaze you with a post-industrial style perfectly entwined with precious columns and ancient Roman walls. A rich and refined wine list and a delicious triumph of home-made desserts are the final seal for a total eating experience.


The breakfast will be served directly in the restaurant, with a large buffet. It will also be possible to include lunch or dinner in your stay, with a menu specially selected by our chef.

Special Offers