Roof garden

Rome from an unconventional perspective:our rooftop terrace

Open from afternoon to late evening also to non-hotel guests, the Roof Garden of Hotel87 allows you to enjoy the best view of Rome.

A roof that turns into a terrace for cocktails, private parties, business meetings or can also be used only to admire Rome from an unconventional perspective. The Roof Garden is just that. A place equipped with sofas, armchairs, rocking chairs and tables, which can seat up to 100 people.
Accessible from inside the hotel, through a staircase which leads you to the 6th floor, the terrace is open in spring and summer from the afternoon to late evening.

Open to all, even those who are not staying with us, and just want to enjoy a different view from the usual. In the magical setting of Rome, you will chat in the company of your friends sitting comfortably on the sofas. Enjoy a cocktail while admiring the grandeur of the Spanish Steps and the lights of the capital.

On the Roof Garden is our bar with a varied selection of traditional and innovative cocktails created with the Mixology method, a novel technique by which
the flavors of the past are enriched with a modern twist.

Or you can simply relax in the tub with water at room temperature and have a drink different than usual, in the company of partners or close friends.


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